Tips for virtual brainstorming  

Group assignments and development tasks often begin with the brainstorming stage, whether it is a large project or a smaller group assignment. When brainstorming in an in-person meeting, sticky notes are usually used in naming and grouping ideas. Virtual brainstorming works in the same way: each participant can bring their own ideas to the whiteboard for further processing.  

Virtual whiteboards can also be used to collect videos or images or to clarify large entities as a mind map, for example.  


Padlet is a virtual whiteboard where users can add text, images, videos, links and files. Various Padlet models allow you to choose a suitable template for your application (see the photo).  

  1. Go to the eLearning Services 
  2. Select Siirry Padletiin (Go to Padlet) under Työvälineet (Tools).  
  3. Log in using Log in with Google
    ○ Log in with your student account
    ○ Verify account 
  4. Create a Padlet and select a template from the options provided.  
  5. Open the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon.  
  6. Give your Padlet wall a name and a short description.  
  7. Change the colour of the background or the wallpaper if you wish.  
  8. Determine whether users have the ability to comment and respond to posts.  
  9. Use the Share button to share your Padlet wall with other users 
    ○ Edit your privacy settings options private, password, secret, org wide. 
    ○ Edit visitor permissions: whether the visitor can read, write, or edit on the Padlet wall.  
  10. Use the plus sign to add posts on the wall where you can add text, files, images, or links.  

See eLearning Services’ Padlet instruction video (10:19) (opens in a new tab).
Video is in finnish, select subtitles -> auto-translate -> english.

See short videos  Padlet for beginners (opens in a new tab).

    padlet seinien asettelumallit


    The web-based whiteboard Flinga is suitable for communal information building, for example. Flinga works with a web browser, so it can be used on a computer, tablet and mobile, as long as there is an internet connection.  

    1. Go to the eLearning Services 
    2. Select Siirry Flingaan (Go to Flinga) under Työvälineet (Tools), or enter in the address bar of your browser. 
    3. Log in to Lapland University of Applied Sciences or University of Lapland.  
    4. At the bottom of the page, change the language to English.  
    5. Select Flinga Whiteboard or Flinga Wall.  
    6. Create a session and give the session a name.  
    7. To share your Flinga with participants, copy the address from your browser’s address bar or click on the three dashes on the left-hand side (hamburger button) and share a QR code.  

    See eLearning Services’ Flinga instruction video (5:04) (opens in a new tab). For example, the video will show you how to make posts in different colours and shapes, how to create a mind map, and how to share a Flinga session with others.  

    Video is in finnish, select subtitles -> auto-translate -> english.

    esimerkkikuva flinga seinästä

    Google Jamboard  

    Google’s Jamboard is an easy-to-use whiteboard where you can add virtual notes, images and short texts. Multiple whiteboards can be added to a single Jamboard, allowing multiple groups to work in parallel.  

    Google Jamboard works smoothly with fewer than 30 people.  

    1. Go to page eLearning Services. 
    2. Select Siirry Googleen (Opiskelija) (Go to Google [Student]) under Työvälineet (Tools).  
    3. Sign in with your Google ID.  
    4. Press the waffle button and select Jamboard in Google Apps.  
    5. Create a new whiteboard, name the board and prepare the whiteboard for brainstorming.  
    6. Tools can be found on the left-hand side.  
    7. You can create multiple whiteboards – navigate between the whiteboards using the top bar.  
    8. Invite others to brainstorm on the whiteboard using the Share button: select everyone with the link, copy the link and share it with the participants.  
    esimerkkikuva jamboardista