Organising an online meeting  

Organising an online meeting is a good option when it is impossible to organise an in-person meeting. For example, a study group may have members who live in another location, and due to scheduling challenges, an online meeting is a more convenient option than an in-person meeting.  

A functional online meeting requires a little planning and preparation. Before the actual online meeting, it is a good idea to agree which of the group members will act as the convenor. The convenor will think about in which online meeting service the meeting will be held, and what kind of shared files or applications could help with the work.  

If you need instructions for a more extensive and longer-lasting groupwork or project, read the tips on Working efficiently in a team! 


Before the online meeting 

  1. Choose the online meeting app* where you will meet with the group.  
  2. Create an invitation and share the link with participants.  
  3. Create a list of tasks and matters that should be tackled during the online meeting and prepare a presentation.  
  4. Prepare possible working templates for the meeting, for example:  
    • a file, such as Power Point or Word  
    • an app, for example Padlet, Google Jamboard, Canva  
    • find out how to share a file or application.

Online meeting

  1. Read the instructions Prepared for an online class! and arrive at the online meeting using the link or calendar invitation shared by the convenor.  
  2. The convenor will start the meeting and tell you what tasks and matters should be tackled during it.  
  3. The convenor shares content from their device, such as a meeting agenda, so that participants can better follow and participate in the meeting.  
  4. If something is to be produced in an online meeting, the convenor shares a file or application for the participants where the actual work takes place. Agree in the group who will edit and write.  
  5. Finally, agree when the next online meeting will take place, and who in the group will be its convenor.  

Online meeting applications


Microsoft Teams

    Sometimes it is a good idea to have a backup plan for problem situations such as sign-up issues, or if non-LUC students or staff are attending the online meeting.  



    Jitsi is an easy-to-use online meeting service that works in a browser. The service is free of charge and does not require registration.  

    1. Go to Jitsi’s website at 
    2. Name the meeting and write it in the box with the flashing cursor.  
    3. Start the meeting by clicking the Start meeting button.  
    4. On the Join meeting page:  
      • enter your name in the field Enter your name here 
      • send the meeting link to the participants  
      • join the meeting by clicking on the blue Join meeting 
      • the same online meeting link can be used again.